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Meet Healthy State.

Protecting life’s most important things. So you can live well.

Healthy State is an employee health benefits provider offering a breakthrough, unique benefits model. Healthy State transforms the current health benefits system by bringing a more efficient, enhanced and responsible way to deliver health benefits packages and services that focus on prevention and wellness while also ensuring a cost effective, integrated network of resources and overall sustainability and value to employers and members.

Healthy State is a groundbreaking health benefits solution with a forward-thinking leadership team of experts who maintain years of experience in working for the top providers in the health benefits industry. Healthy State is committed to making a positive difference in the communities of western North Carolina and beyond. Healthy State allows employers to save costs and build healthier, stronger and more productive workforces.

We care.

Through one big happy community.

Members build a relationship with their doctor. They get the same access to specialists and hospitals, ensuring the best care all the time.

Employers can give the choice to access the best care from community doctors. Who wouldn’t want happy employees?

Providers get to know patients through technology. This is the kind of care that providers would want for their own family.

Better outcomes.

Individual providers and groups are supported by a care team available to help patients reach clinical and lifestyle goals.

Healthy State puts the “health” back in healthcare. Members are motivated to look and feel good.

Employers can be confident they are boosting employee energy and morale.

Providers can feel good that patients are reaching their goals.

Exceptional value.

A plan where everyone wins.

Members are rewarded for trying their best. They enjoy more time for things that matter.

Healthy State is a value-based, self-funded plan. Employers receive great rates for better health benefits.

Our team approach to healthcare is directed by the provider. Providers are rewarded for giving superior care.

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Healthy State
1940 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803