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Healthy State Employer Options

Healthy State offers group health plans, provider networks and benefit program management services to help employers lower their healthcare costs and improve the health and productivity of their employees.

What Sets Healthy State Apart?

A health care plan is more than just a schedule of benefits. It is a necessary investment to attract and retain talented employees. It is a strategy to improve the health and productivity of your employees and an investment in your business. Healthy State is transforming the traditional healthcare benefits model to deliver more cost savings and greater value to employer health plans.

Benefit Solutions

Healthy State offers a full-service, single-source solution to design, administer and manage your employee health benefits program. We offer a broad range of integrated products and services, including health and dental plan administration and management services, care management and wellness programs, as well as access to preferred ancillary insurance product arrangements.

Plan Design Options

Healthy State offers attractive plan design options to fit most every budget and need. Employers can choose from a wide array of standard plan options or customize a plan to meet your own needs.

Funding Options

Healthy State’s range of self-funded plan options can help employers with as small as 25 employees achieve immediate and sustainable cost savings by eliminating unnecessary expenses and placing more control with the employer over how their dollars are spent.

Available plan funding options:

Level Funding – An attractive funding alternative for small to medium size groups (25 to 150 employees) who are currently fully insured and would prefer more flexibility and control over their healthcare plan decisions. Under a level-funding arrangement, employers pay fixed, level monthly payments regardless of substantial claim increases.  If overall claims are less than expected, employers share in the annual savings in the form of a rebate.

ASO Funding – An attractive funding alternative for groups with 100 or more employees. The plan sponsor assumes full liability for claims and protects itself from large unexpected claims either through specific stop loss and/or aggregate stop loss.

Health and Wellness Programs

Improving employee health is at the core of every Healthy State healthcare plan. Each health plan we offer includes a robust package of wellness benefits and services at no additional cost.

Our Network

Members of Healthy State will enjoy choice and access to a broad network of providers both locally and nationally.

Tier 1 – Mission Health Partners. Members who utilize Mission Health Partners’ expansive network of doctors and hospitals in the 18-county western North Carolina region will realize the largest discounts and lowest out-of-pocket costs.

Tier 2MedCost Provider Network. Members who visit doctors and hospitals outside of the Mission Health Partners’ service area will realize substantial discounts and lower out-of-pocket costs through MedCost’s affiliation of North Carolina and national networks.

  • Benefit Solutions
  • Plan Design Options
  • Funding Options
  • Health and Wellness
  • Our Network
  • Exemptions from costly ACA mandates and State taxes
  • No annual limitation on deductibles, guaranteed issue of coverage, or community ratings with tighter age bands
  • Customizable plan designs
  • Higher probability to reduce cost of medical benefit expenses
  • Pay a flat monthly premium, regardless of fluctuating claims