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When healthcare & health insurance connect,

everything changes for good.

Health benefits with a bigger purpose.

Awaken to the idea that healthcare can do more for individuals, employers and communities. By combining health benefits with healthcare, the system changes -- each person’s health becomes a priority. And, by putting the wellbeing of people first, we achieve high quality care at lower costs.
Healthy State is a catalyst bringing together the people and solutions that help individuals enjoy the meaningful moments of their lives, while enabling businesses and the community to flourish. We’re leading the way for the transformation that occurs when everyone comes together to design healthcare to do more good.
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When healthcare and health benefits connect, everything changes for good.

What we do

What We Do

We are a health benefits company closely integrated with a healthcare delivery system...

Why we're different

Why We're Different

Our nationally acclaimed, clinically integrated network, Mission Health Partners®...

Why we're better

Why We're Better

We have a bigger vision – to improve the health of individuals and our community...

Image of Cyclist - How can we help you?

How can we help you?



We put the health of people at the heart of our approach.

We are local

We are local.

We live here. We care here. We trust our own health and family’s care to Healthy State. We reinvest money in the community and support the local economy.

We help people thrive

We help people thrive through partnerships.

With the people we treat. With caregivers. With employers, healthcare facilities and community organizations. We’re better together.

Better health is what we do well

Better health is what we do well.

We put the wellbeing of people first. We engage, educate and empower them to attain their healthiest desired state.

Healthy State inspires change for good.

Dani black and white Dani


"I feel optimistic about living a healthy, active lifestyle."

Curtis black and white Curtis


"I have more energy, and, generally, I'm feeling better all around."

Deb black and white Deb


"This wellness program got me to where I am today."

One year ago, Dani cried at a doctor’s appointment when her weight and blood tests revealed she was at high risk for the same conditions that were contributing to her mother’s declining health. Six months ago, she enrolled in the Healthy Weight program with her husband. These days, they are making healthier food choices, dining at fewer restaurants and the TV remains idle while they spend 90 minutes daily walking around their neighborhood sharing the day’s events. The scale is 20 pounds lighter and the closet requires clothing two sizes smaller. “A year ago, I was in the at-risk range,” Dani recalls. Today? “All of my lab results are excellent!”

Curtis was overweight and flirting with high blood pressure. “I was always tired and didn’t have much energy,” he recalls. “I had stopped doing some of the things I enjoyed.” Determined to avoid taking medication, he committed to changing his life by enrolling in a Healthy Weight program with his wife. “I liked the fact that the class was led by dietitians and wasn’t promoting diets, medications or surgeries.” Keeping a food journal and learning about calories “opened my eyes to how much extra I was eating.” The couple also hit the road, walking six miles nightly and hitting trails on weekends, culminating with a recent 17-mile hike. His blood pressure is now normal, and he’s lost 30 pounds. “The first triumphant moment was when I weighed in under 200 pounds for the first time since the early ‘90s.” The second occurred when he had to go clothes shopping because nothing fit. “It’s always fun,” he says, “to see the faces of friends and family who haven’t seen me in more than six months.”

Seven words from Mission Health Partner’s ® registered dietician changed Deb’s life: “If you do this, you won’t fail.” Those words inspired Debbie to begin a healthcare journey that evening. She hasn’t had a sugary soft drink or candy bar in 16 months. Unable to walk short distances initially, she now walks up to five miles daily. Debbie has lost 110 pounds, dropped seven clothing sizes and her blood sugar is now at a healthy level. She has become a role model for co-workers and church members who approach her about how they can get healthy too. “This wellness program got me to where I am today. It’s been fabulous. Fabulous! I am going to keep going. It’s just well worth it to me.”

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