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When it comes to healthcare,

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A better approach to healthcare.

You may be used to thinking about health benefits as a way to protect employees should they become ill. We have a different approach – we want to keep them well. Healthy State has all the elements in place to achieve the outcomes everybody wants: improved health, a better experience and reduced costs. We offer the tools, resources and experience to do so with our award-winning wellness and health management programs, health plans that deliver extra value and an acclaimed clinically integrated provider network that places people at the center of care.

Experience more value with Healthy State.

Lower cost

Lower Cost

A health plan that improves your bottom line

Better care

Better Care

We're in the business of providing superior quality care

Bigger vision

Bigger Vision

Enhancing lives and creating healthier communities

Everything you need and far more than you imagined.


We deliver more value because we design and administer the health plan, offer the provider network and focus on programs that improve health in proven ways.

Plan Design

Aligned with your strategy...

Whether you offer a PPO plan or Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP), your plan design should align with your company’s healthcare strategy. We design plans that create incentives for employees to make personal healthcare choices, use high performance providers and engage in healthier lifestyles. This progressive approach is more consumer-friendly, putting people first and treating them as an active partner in their care. In addition, your company and your employees may experience tax advantages.

Plan Administration

Addresses every detail...

One of the reasons employers love working with us is our partnership with MedCost, a third-party administrator (TPA) based in North Carolina. This established company is known for its excellent customer service. They process claims, issue ID cards and handle your employees’ questions, attending to the details of administration so you can focus on your business.

Provider Network

Because quality and access matter...

In healthcare, quality matters. With a Healthy State plan, employees can choose between two outstanding network options: Mission Health Partners® (MHP) or MHP plus MedCost. MHP is Healthy State’s signature network and includes nearly 1,100 physicians, ten hospitals and thousands of other healthcare practitioners currently serving more than 90,000 individuals. This critically acclaimed clinically integrated network has the professionals, infrastructure and programs in place to ensure coordinated care, seamless communication and an optimal customer experience by placing people’s needs first.

The approach that empowers employees.

Doctor - Approach that empowers employees

Our approach to healthcare encourages each member to reach his or her own unique potential through engagement, education and empowerment. We encourage behavior and social factors that contribute – or create barriers – to an individual’s ability to achieve healthy outcomes. We meet people wherever they are on the health spectrum and help them achieve their healthiest desired state. They have access to exceptional programs, resources and professional care teams who support them, and there are no extra costs for most of these services. In addition, we supply you with monthly reports and dashboards to help you support your employees.

A health plan that actually focuses on health
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Integrate healthcare finance and delivery into a single source benefits solution
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Protect your bottom line and experience greater savings.

Meeting - Protect your bottom line

We offer innovative approaches that save money upfront and can lead to greater long-term savings.

Level Funding

Predictability, Control, and Savings

Medical Captive Solution

Spread risk to achieve greater savings